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Jul 9 '12

Philly Beer Week: Most Searched-For Beers & Event Tap Lists

Better late than never … So I’ve been a little caught up with the launch of the new PhillyTapFinder, but I love crunching some numbers and I’ve been told that people really enjoy these tallies.  PhillyTapFinder tracks all of the beers and tap lists that you are looking for, which results in some really useful data that I like to share.  I took a look at the numbers for Philly Beer Week 2012 and compiled the top 5 most frequently searched-for beers and top 10 most frequently viewed tap lists.  Really interesting stuff:

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched-For Beers, Philly Beer Week 2012

  1. Russian River Pliny the Elder (no surprise here)
  2. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout
  3. Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
  4. Russian River Supplication
  5. Bell’s Hopslam

Well Pliny the Elder reigns supreme again.  Some say that it’s over-hyped, but there is no dispute that it’s one of the best imperial IPAs ever made. 

Top 10 Most Viewed Event Tap Lists, Philly Beer Week 2012

  1. Founders tap takeover, POPE, June 4
  2. Extreme Beer Brunch, South Philly Tap Room, June 10
  3. Founders tap takeover, South Philly Tap Room, June 6
  4. Cellared Kegs: Rare, Obscure, & Legendary, The Farmers’ Cabinet, June 4
  5. Goose Island tap takeover, City Tap House, June 4
  6. Bella Vista Distributor tap takeover, Devil’s Den, June 1
  7. Russian River tap takeover, Local 44, June 10
  8. Rare Brews and One-Offs, Perch Pub, June 1
  9. High Gravity Sunday, Misconduct, June 3
  10. Hill Farmstead lunch, Jose Pistola’s, June 8

It’s clear that Philly loves Founders.  Founders’ brews were the 2nd and 3rd most frequently searched-for brews during PBW and Founders’ tap takeovers were the first and third most searched-for event tap lists.  Now that’s impressive.

Thanks for checking out this post.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

May 29 '12

Philly Beer Week event tap lists! We have them and want to share!

Everybody is so excited for Philly Beer Week.  But with so many events to chose from, you crave information.  And just knowing that brewery X is taking over the taps at bar Y doesn’t cut it.  You want to know what beers are actually pouring.  Enter PhillyTapFinder.

We work extremely hard, scouring the interwebs and contacting the bars to compile the tap lists for the Philly Beer Week events.  And of course, we want you to have that information so that you can go to that special event that is pouring that super rare beer or an all-time favorite.  The days of going to an event, only to be disappointed by the tap list, are over.

So this is what we’re going to do.  During Philly Beer Week, from June 1-10, we are going to post the tap lists for the current and following day right here ( — BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!  We are also going to post lists for particularly appealing future events.  To make this service even more valuable, we have included the descriptions of the beers (where available) so that you know what these new beers are.  We already have a whole bunch of tap lists posted, and we will post more everyday so please check back.  Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we will be highlighting exceptional tap lists and events.

The beers coming into Philly for this wonderful “week” are absolutely incredible.  I can’t wait for you to see the information that we’ve collected. 

PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS SERVICE VIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL, ETC.  We work very hard to compile this information and want everybody to be able to take advantage of this service.  Cheers and have a great Philly Beer Week.  Please email me (Jared) if you have any questions.

May 2 '12

Philly Beer Week beer lists at Monk’s - @FunkyBuddhaBrew & @DeschutesBeer

Very excited to see that Monk’s has already pulled together a couple of their lineups for Philly Beer Week events.  It’s going to be totally insane!

Funky Buddha (Boca Raton, FL): Sunday, June 3 at 4-6pm

Key Lime Berliner Weiss

Peach Berliner Weiss

Mango Berliner Weiss

Passion Fruit Berliner Weiss

Nib Smuggler: chocolate porter

There also may be a Cranberry Berliner Weiss, but this is not yet confirmed.  These berliners are infused with fresh fruit.

I know very little about this tiny brewery.  But my beer geek friends geek out when I mention the name.  From Monks, “This will be the Philly Debut of this tiny, tiny brewery.  Ryan brews on a one barrel system.  That’s right…he brews 2 half-kegs at a time.”  Now that’s nano.

Deschutes is ‘da Shit (Bend, OR): Thursday, June 7 at 8-10pm. Although Deschutes has not officially entered the Philly market, they get temporarily registered for PBW.  Of course, we’d love to see more, but you have to be thrilled with what we get! Thanks Deschutes.

Angler IPA. Hops aren’t the only fun ingredient to play with in an IPA. In this take on a northwest staple style, we pulled all the caramel and pale malt out. Pilsner and flaked oats provide the base for the citrus and pine aroma of simcoe and experimental hop #369. Enjoy you hop lovers! This is a “Pub Exclusive,” but they cut loose one for Monk’s.

Golden Ale. The straw colored Strong Golden Ale is made from an impressively international list of ingredients that acknowledge the diverse roots of craft beer. We used Czech Saaz, Slovenian Golding, Pacific Northwest Liberty, and Brewers Gold hops, along with French pilsner malt, and Belgian white candy diamonds and bitter orange peel from the island of Curacao for a little extra kick and sizzle.

Date Night Porter Imperial Porter. Test batch for Black Butte XXIV. 10.3% ABV.

Plumb Line Wild Ale. Bring on the sour.

Also, bottles of Black Butte XXII and The Abyss.

Excited yet? ME TOO!  I will be posting many of the Philly Beer Week tap lists on PhillyTapFinder so keep checking back as we get closer and follow me on The Twitter.